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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1.
    What is Maxis ONEBusiness Hub?

    ONEBusiness Hub is a self-service portal that allows Maxis’ registered business customers to login and access to various business web applications including manage requests for services ( mobile and fixed) across single or multiple account, suspend and resume services and make various service orders. This portal enables our end user (Corporate Person In Charge (PIC) / SME Person in Charge (PIC) / Authorized Signatory) and the administrators whom they appoint to view and manage companies’ corporate lines and serves as an integrated portal that will replace the corporate e-bill portal and Telecoms Expense Management portal.

    ONEBusiness Hub is not opened to public users.

  • 2.
    Who can get access to Maxis ONEBusiness Hub?

    Access to ONEBusiness Hub is on limited release currently. We are progressively inviting our business customers to register for their account. Please reach out to your Account Manager to receive your invitation. However, if you are not assigned to an Account Manager but wish to gain access, please Make a Request here.

  • 3.
    What are the business applications available in ONEBusiness Hub?

    • View and edit company account details
    • Download and pay bills, and subscribe to e-billing
    • Add and remove Value Added Services and Data Quota for individual lines / services
    • Suspend / Resume / Activate Lines / Services
    • Order new Mobile lines, change rate plan, upgrade plans and port lines in to Maxis
    • Track orders
    • View company expenses reports – Account billing, Call usage summary, IDD and Roaming usages, top spenders listing and many more.
    • Access to expenses dashboard with graphs and tables – monthly and quarterly bill trends, monthly and quarterly charges by product and usage types and many more.
    • Support for feedback and enquiries via Live Chat and logging a ticket.

  • 4.
    How do I get started?

    Before you register for an account, kindly note that First Time access is given only to the Company’s Authorised Signatory or Person in Charge (PIC). Upon successful validation from our processing team, an email confirmation will be sent to the email address specified for the appointed company administrator / PIC. The company authorised signatory / PIC will then have access to create other user access for their administrators. Note: It is the company's responsibility to ensure that they only create access for authorized personnel / administrators.

    Get started here.

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    How do I register for ONEBusiness Hub access?

    Follow through the below steps to complete the registration. Before you register, please have the following information* ready:

    • Company Name and BRN ( Business Registration Number) registered with Maxis. ( If you belong to a non-corporate type of institution, establishment, organization, government body, society or center, you will unlikely have a business registration number. You may leave that field empty).
    • Valid Company Email Address ( verification and instructions will be sent to this email address and this email address will be set as your Online ID). Read below on Best Practices for generic / shared email aliases.
    • Valid mobile phone number ( a TAC code will be sent to this number for verification). Please ensure the mobile phone number entered belongs to you.
    • Name of Person in Charge (PIC) and NRIC number as per registered with Maxis. ( If details of the PIC do not match with the registered name in our system, kindly prepare a Letter of Authorization (LOA) along with your Company Registration documents to be emailed to us).

    *All of the above information are mandatory for registration.

  • 6.
    How do I know if I am my company’s Authorized Signatory or Person In Charge?

    If your company is currently a Maxis’ registered business customer, the role setup should already be done. (If you are a SME company, you might already have given this information to your Maxis Business Dealer). A Letter of Authorization is one of the prerequisites during the registration of your company’s account with Maxis and the Authorized Signatory or Person In Charge would be the person responsible to act for and behalf of the company for any transaction request to Maxis.

    If you are not your company’s appointed Person in Charge (PIC) but would require access to the portal to perform account or bill management tasks, please reach out to your company’s PIC to get your access created. Your company PIC would need to do the First Time registration. Help them get started by sending them this registration link.

  • 7.
    Can there be more than one Authorized Signatory or Person In Charge?

    Most definitely, the list of PICs are determined by your company, stipulated in the original Letter of Authorization kept with Maxis. If the Letter of Authorization is outdated and no longer valid, kindly reach out to your Account Manager or Maxis Business Dealer to update with the latest information.

  • 8.
    What is an Online ID?

    Your Online ID is equivalent to your emaill address which you registered during Sign Up. It is recommended that you do not use a shared email address ( eg : to register for access to ONEBusiness Hub. Orders and requests made via the portal will trigger notifications and confirmation to the registered email and if the email is used by multiple personnel within the company, our notifications may not reach you.

    However, if you still prefer to use a generic company alias to register, please take a moment to read the Best Practices for Registration below.

  • 9.
    What is TAC?

    A TAC (Transaction Authorization Code) is a security feature used during registration and resetting of password. Upon requesting for the TAC, it will trigger a unique 6-digit code to your Mobile Device which you will need to key it on the screen. Please ensure that your SIM card is not used on a tablet as TAC cannot be transmitted to non-mobile devices.

    The requested TAC will expire in 3 minutes, therefore the TAC must be entered within the timeframe or it will expire and a new request need to be made.

  • 10.
    What are the best practices of registration for big corporations that have generic department email aliases?

    For First Time registration by the company’s Authorized Signatory or Person in Charge, we recommend that you use the company email address originally registered with Maxis. Once you have registered, you can create accesses for other personnel or administrators of the company, directed to the individual’s company email address or group aliases (eg :,, Please bear in mind that while the creation of group alias Online ID is possible, you would not be able to track who performed the specific action and request.

    As the Company PIC who is creating admin access to other personnel in your company, please take the time to review the access and permissions you have granted for each personnel / admin. As the authorised signatory / appointed PIC of the company, you will be held responsible even for the actions, requests, orders, reports accessed by them.

  • 11.
    I’ve registered but have not received the verification email, what should I do?

    If this is a First Time registration ( First Time registration should be made only by the Company’s Authorised Signatory or Person in Charge (PIC), we will respond to you within 3 Working Days. If you are an administrator created by your Company PIC, you ought to be getting the notification email and TAC code immediately. Please reach out to your Company PIC to check on the creation settings. If the problem persists, please email us at

  • 12.
    How do I grant access to other Adminstrators and set permission levels?

    As the company’s appointed Authorised Signatory or Person in Charge (PIC), you can click on Admin > Create New and start registering new adminstrators, set permission levels and determine specific or multiple accounts that the person can have access to. Once you have submitted the request, an email notification will be sent to the stated email address and the newly created administrator is required to complete the sign up process.

    The permission settings can be changed at any time via the Permissions button but this can only be done by the Authorised Signatory or Person in Charge (PIC).

  • 13.
    If I am an existing user of the corporate e-Billing portal or the Telecoms Expense Management portal, do I still need to register again for ONEBusiness Hub?

    The ONEBusiness Hub is the latest, more sophisticated portal designed with 2-step security verification, which is not available in the Corporate e-bill portal and Telecoms Expense Management portal. As such, you are required to register again. Additionally, we will be deprecating both the corporate e-billing and Telecoms Expense Management portal since all the features from both portals are available on the integrated ONEBusiness Hub. Actual timeline for the deprecation of the two portals is yet to be determined.

  • 14.
    If I am an existing user of the corporate e-Billing portal or the Telecoms Expense Management portal, can I re-use the same email / Online ID and password when I register for ONEBusiness Hub?

    We recommend the email address you use is one which you are comfortable receiving notifications and status updates from the portal. If possible, use an email address that is not shared. We recommend setting a strong password for access to the portal. Your password setting should be with a minimum 8 characters and using only alphabets and numbers. Avoid using your Online ID or your Secure Keyword as your password.

  • 15.
    I’m a Maxis Business Dealer / Partner, can I access Maxis ONEBusiness Hub?

    Access to ONEBusiness Hub is for companies to self-manage their accounts. We invite you to inform and encourage your customers to register for ONEBusiness Hub . Please reach out to your Channel Sales Manager for more information.

  • 16.
    Who do I contact for enquiries?

    If you have an enquiry about the ONEBusiness Hub, you can email to

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